Procurement Quality Assurance Requirements

This document defines Quality Requirements applicable to purchase orders. The requirements stated below are in addition to those
described on the purchase order.


1.1 Specifications
All materials and processes supplied under the purchase order shall conform to the latest specification revision level, unless,
otherwise specified by Shim It ’s purchase order. Shim It Corporation will provide the latest specification for all
requirements at the supplier’s request.

1.2 Competency
Only competent personnel who have been trained to the supplier’s internal requirements and those requirements of Laminated
Shim Co. may perform work for any purchase order issued. All personnel who perform work for Shim It Corporation purchase
orders must have valid qualification records on file for the work being performed.

1.3 Requirements
Products and services will not be delivered to Shim It Corporation unless they comply with all applicable purchase order
requirements and specifications.

1.4 Notification
The supplier is responsible for communicating to Shim It  the following:
- Changes to a supplier process which could have an unintended impact on product and service conformity.
- Changes to the supplier’s quality management system, including changes in management, changes to certification status
or scope, and changes of location.
- Confirmed or suspected non-conformances related to product and service provision to Shim It  found prior to or
after delivery.
- Intended changes to purchase order requirements including due date, specifications, and alternative recommendations to
superseded or suspended requirements.
Any of the indicated changes above that directly affect the conformance of products and services to Shim It  or the
requirements of the purchase order must be approved in writing prior to implementation.

1.6 Document Security
Supplier shall safeguard the security and confidentiality of all documents and/or data forwarded, subject to Shim It ’s
inspection if required, from the point of receipt through discard, shredding, destruction, etc.

1.7 Sub-tier Utilization
Any sub-tier suppliers utilized must be approved for use by the supplier. Customer designated sources must be prioritized for use if
indicated by Shim It , its Customer or End User.


2.1 General Requirements
The suppliers Quality Management System must meet the requirements of ISO9001, AS9100.

2.2 Calibration Services
Any Calibration activities must meet requirements of ISO 17025 and Standards traceable to N.I.S.T.

2.3 Processing
Special Process Suppliers shall maintain Nadcap certification for the process(es) offered.

2.4 Approval Status
Product and service provision will only be issued to those suppliers that have been approved by Shim It . Approval status is
based on variable factors including on-time delivery, product and service conformity, and quality control. All suppliers must maintain
these areas of performance with Shim It  at all times. If a supplier cannot provide adequate proof of these requirements by
Shim It , they will be removed from the Approved list of suppliers until corrections have been made which will support their

2.5 Process Approval
The supplier shall maintain a process for the provision of products and services to Shim It  which can reliably produce the
conforming outputs. Supplier is responsible to validation of its processes and ensuring that the parts meet all product and service
requirements issued. First Article Inspection Reports in any format may be requested on the purchase order as evidence of
conformance.If a statistical technique or sampling plan is utilized for the product approval, the technique must be based on a valid
industry statistical approach.

2.6 Awareness
All personnel performing work under the control of the supplier shall be made aware of their contribution to product and service
conformity, product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.

2.7 Lot Control
All parts or materials shall be fabricated from the same manufacturing lot, unless, otherwise approved by Shim It Corporation

2.8 Records
Supplier shall retain and maintain records on purchased product for 7 years. Space Shuttle and manned flight program records
shall be retained for 20 years (program will be noted on purchase order if required). Records shall be made available upon request
within 48 hours. Record disposition and disposal shall be carried out in a manner that eliminated that possibility of fraud or stolen
intellectual property.

2.9 Right of Access
Shim It , its customers and regulatory agencies (under the permission of Shim It ) may, at any point under this
purchase order, choose to perform inspection or auditing activities on the supplier’s premises. Notice of visitation will be given at
least 10 days prior to the visit. Shim It  reserves the right to review any information or process which pertains to or directly
affects the conformity of products or services provided to Shim It  including those of its supplier’s sub-tier suppliers.

2.10 DPD/MBD
Receiving, validation and security protocols for digital product definition and model-based definition datasets forwarded by our
company must conform to Boeing, Spirit Aerosystems, Goodrich Aerospace, Vought, and Northrop Grumman DPD/MBD
requirements as applicable.

2.11 Certification of Conformance
Certification of Conformance is required for each shipment of processed parts, chemicals, material and/or finished goods.
Certification of Conformance shall include a statement of conformity to the latest revision level of specifications and also include
name, title, signature, and acceptance stamp of company representative.

2.12 Source Inspection
If Government Source Inspection is required supplier shall notify their Government Representative to plan for the appropriate
inspection point prior to shipment.
If Shim It  Source Inspection is required supplier shall send 72 hour written notice to Shim It . Supplier shall
provide documentation, facilities and support personnel. Product shall not be released for shipment until inspection is complete.

2.13 Mercury Free
All purchased products must be mercury free. Seller shall certify that the product supplied is free of mercury contamination.

2.14 Material Safety Data Sheet
MSDS is required for all metallics and chemicals.

2.15 Flow-Down Requirements
The supplier is responsible to flow down all applicable quality requirements to sub-tier suppliers, including key characteristics where
Any changes in the supplier’s approvals, excessive fallout 10% (Shim It  supplied materials), unforeseen delays, and
anomalies found in their process that directly affect product supplied to Shim It , shall be immediately reported to
Shim It Corporation
Process and/or materials shall be supplied by Shim It ’s customer and end user approved sources.


3.1 Counterfeit Prevention
Supplier shall prevent and mitigate the use of counterfeit parts.
Supplier shall comply with the requirements of AS5553 for electronic components and AS6174 for non-electronic product as

3.2 DDTC Registration
All manufacturers, exporters, and brokers of defense articles related technical data and defense services as defined on theUnited
States Munitions List (Part 121 of the ITAR) (PDF, 7MB) are required to register with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
(DDTC). Registration is primarily a means to provide the U.S. Government with necessary information on who is involved in certain
manufacturing, exporting and brokering activities. Registration does not confer any export rights or privileges, but is a precondition
for the issuance of any license or other approval for export.

3.3 Federal Acquisition Regulation
Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Requirements: 52.222-50 (MAR 2015) and 52.222-56 (MAR 2015)
Amendments to the above-mentioned FARs, which became effective on March 2, 2015, require contractors and subcontractors to
ensure that they and their employees, subcontractors, and agents do not engage in a wide range of trafficking-related activities,
such as procuring commercial sex acts, requiring employees pay recruitment fees, confiscating employees' identity papers (such as
Passports, Driver’s Licenses, etc.), or failing to pay return transportation costs. Further, receipt of “credible information” of a
violation of any of these prohibitions requires immediate notification to the U.S. Government.
Federal contractors/ subcontractors with contracts or subcontracts performed outside the United States involving services or
supplies exceeding US$500,000 must meet even additional requirements. Specifically, those contractors/subcontractors are
obligated to develop and maintain detailed anti-trafficking compliance programs and certify, upon award and annually thereafter, to
their anti-trafficking efforts. The certification further requires applicable contractors/subcontractors to have in place an appropriate
compliance plan and confirm, after conducting "due diligence", that (1) neither they nor any of their employees or subcontractors
have engaged in trafficking-related activities, or, (2) if violations have been found, appropriate remedial actions, up to and including
termination, have been taken. Contractors furnishing commercially available off-the-shelf items (COTS items) are exempt from the
requirement to implement a formal trafficking compliance plan.
Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS) Requirements: 252.203-7004 (JAN 2015) and 252.222-7007 (JAN 2015)
Under new DFARS rules, which became effective January 29, 2015, contractors and subcontractors performing a noncommercial
contract or subcontract of US$5 million or more (whether within or outside the U.S.) are required to display hotline posters regarding
human trafficking and protections for whistleblowers. Moreover, all solicitations for acquisitions that exceed $150,000 (the current
simplified acquisition threshold), including those for commercial items, must include a new representation that the offeror’s hiring
practices address combating trafficking in persons, that employees and subcontractors have been notified regarding their obligation
to report human trafficking violations, and that they will be afforded whistleblower protection when they do so.
Suppliers should familiarize themselves with these new requirements to ensure compliance (where applicable). The full text of each
clause may be accessed electronically at (FAR/DFARS) or
We recognize the complexity of these new regulations, and we appreciate your commitment to understanding and implementing the
actions that may be required by your individual businesses

3.4 Foreign Object Debris/Damage (FOD)
Supplier shall maintain good housekeeping and where applicable a Foreign Object Debris/Damage (FOD) prevention program, to
preclude introduction of foreign objects into any deliverable item. Supplier shall employ appropriate housekeeping practices to
assure timely removal of residue/debris generated during manufacturing/process operations or tasks. Supplier shall determine if
sensitive areas that have a high probability for introduction of foreign objects should have special emphasis controls in place for the
manufacturing environment.

Requirements listed below are in addition to Procurement Quality Assurance Requirements.

Material must be free of dents, creases and defects.
Mill, Chemical and Physical test reports required to the most current revision with delivery. Actual test finding and specification
shall be recorded on report, report shall include: name, title, and signature of company representative.

American made materials required. Certification must state melted/mfr in the USA.

Specialty metals, such as Stainless Steel and Titanium, must comply with the requirements of:
DFARS 252.225-7008,
252.225-7009, and
Qualifying Countries are listed at 252.225-7012.

A direct link for end user approvals are as follows:

Bell Hellicopter
Northrop Grumman
Rolls Royce
Vought Aircraft

Direct link for end user Revisions are as follows:

Goodrich Aerostructures
Northrop Grumman
Vought Aircraft
Bell Helicopter
 Your assessment must include the requirements of applicable DFAR clauses, verification, and documentation for internal
processes, as well as the flowdown, verification, and documentation of sub-tier processes.

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